Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit

Emerging market credit strategies for long-term investment primarily via external corporate and sovereign debt

Business Description and Focus

  • Aventicum Emerging Markets (EM) Credit is an entrepreneurial boutique, specialist investment manager focused on multi-strategy solutions for long-term investment in emerging markets credit primarily via external debt.


  • The business is headed by Thomas Fitzpatrick, the Managing Partner in London
  • Our team-oriented Investment Committee (IC) is comprised of the following professionals who average over 20 years of experience and benefit from the support of two additional staff:
    • Thomas Fitzpatrick, Managing Partner and Head of EM Credit
    • Catherine Campbell, COO and CRO
    • Sergio Delgado, Senior Portfolio Manager 
    • Loic de Robert Hautequere, Senior Portfolio Manager
    • Francis Rowe, Chief Economist and Sovereign Strategist

Investment Philosophy

  • Our investment philosophy centres upon a dedicated EM specialist focus with a disciplined and rigorous bottom-up fundamental research-driven analysis of credit quality emphasizing deep value.
  • Our process-driven Investment Committee utilizes an opportunistic and unconstrained approach to identify the most attractive credit investments across global emerging markets in the context of diversified, risk-managed portfolios.


  • A USD-denominated Irish-domiciled QIAIF (launched 5th January 2015) pursues an unconstrained, long-biased Emerging Markets Credit total return strategy primarily via external debt with an emphasis on high yield corporate debt and a focus on generating superior risk-adjusted returns throughout market cycles.
  • Segregated Mandates for dedicated, customized emerging market credit strategies tailored to clients’ long-term needs and unique objectives.

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Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit
4 Sloane Terrace
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