Aventicum Alternative Equities Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary With More Than USD500 Million In Assets Under Management.

Switzerland, August 2017 – Aventicum Alternative Equities, the Geneva-based investment boutique of Aventicum Capital Management, celebrates the third anniversary of its European long/ short equity Cayman strategy. Together with the UCITs version of the strategy, which was launched in October 2015, the Alternative Equities business now manages more than USD 500m.

The strategy focuses on stock-picking and targets absolute returns with a relatively low volatility. The strategy focuses on stock-picking and targets absolute returns with a relatively low volatility; it has delivered strong and consistent returns since its launch with half of the volatility of the equity markets. Within its peers group, it has consistently been one of the top performing strategies.

The strategy is managed by Riccardo Cavo, Andrea Buda, Barry Kelly and David Walsh, who have been working together since 2002. Luca Mengoni, the CEO of Aventicum Alternative Equities, said: “We are very pleased to have reached a critical AuM size for our European Long/Short strategies within three years. As markets remain uncertain, our strategy continues to offer an interesting investment opportunity to our clients. We have outperformed the MSCI Europe Index and the EurekaHedge European L/S Equities HF Index since the inception of the strategy, generating positive absolute returns over the last ten consecutive quarters.”

Notes to Editors

About Aventicum Alternative Equities
Aventicum Alternative Equities is one of four independently-run asset management businesses that form Aventicum Capital Management, a global, multi-boutique asset management joint venture between Credit Suisse and Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). It combines entrepreneurial investment management with the institutional strength and governance of Credit Suisse and the long-term capital support of QIA.

About the European long/ short equity strategy
This is a European Long/ Short Equity strategy that focuses on stock-picking and targets absolute returns with relatively low volatility, managed by Aventicum Alternative Equities. The objective of the strategy is to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns in all market environments through a Long/Short Equity Strategy which primarily focuses on European equities with the flexibility to invest up to 30% in non-European markets. The investment strategy follows a bottom up fundamental approach and focuses on alpha generation rather than beta exposure. It aims to keep the correlation with the underlying equity markets to a minimum and focuses on capital preservation through a rigorous and disciplined risk management process. It is managed by an award-winning team, formerly with Pioneer Alternative Investments, that has a proven record of alpha generation and capital preservation. The strategy was replicated into a UCITs framework, which was launched in October 2015.


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