Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) Uses 3-year Track Record To Open Its AQS MENA Fund To Wider International Investor Base

Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) uses 3-year track record to open its AQS MENA Fund to wider international investor base

Doha, 19 September 2016 - Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC, the investment boutique focusing on listed equity strategies in the MENA and Frontiers markets and part of Aventicum Capital Management, celebrates the third anniversary of its AQS MENA Fund (“the Fund”). The Fund, a best-ideas portfolio focused on alpha generation across multiple market cycles, has delivered +24.5% alpha since its launch in July 2013[1] and has been awarded a 5-star rating from Morningstar.

This established track record allows Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC to target a wider institutional investor base and provide international market participants with access to the strategy, which seeks to capitalise on the inherent value in MENA markets to deliver long-term value creation across multiple market cycles. The Fund, one of the few in the region with over $200 million of assets under management, is managed by Ibrahim Masood who has over 15 years’ experience of investing in the MENA region and has employed this strategy and investment process consistently since November 2005[2].

The Fund takes a differentiated approach to investing in the MENA region by being benchmark-agnostic and focusing on genuine regional and domestic drivers, such as a young population and oil surpluses. Similarly, the Fund has generally avoided investing in globally-correlated large cap stocks, instead seeking high–quality, fundamental, research-driven opportunities with demonstrable records of shareholder value creation across a variety of industries, including the consumer, healthcare and financial services sectors.

Commenting on the anniversary of the Fund, Habib Oueijan, CEO of Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC: “The Fund’s three-year track record of strong performance[3] has cemented our reputation as a leading investment manager in the region and this milestone will enable a greater number of investors and allocators to access the compelling investment opportunity we seek to capitalise on. The team’s extensive experience within the MENA equity space and our location in Doha has allowed us to better understand the local market, establish a diversified portfolio based on genuine domestic drivers and, to the most extent, avoid crowded, oversubscribed large cap stocks.”

Ibrahim Masood, Senior Portfolio Manager, added: “With a combined market cap of close to $1 trillion, an investable universe of 1,500 stocks and a growing young population, we believe there is continuing value to be found in this region for managers who take an active, fundamental approach. The MENA market, with its relatively young, growing population and oil surpluses, will drive private consumption and increase overall capital spending across the region. A focus on consumer sections, outside of petrochemicals, presents an attractive and differentiated opportunity for both local and global institutional investors, particularly for those looking to diversify their emerging market allocation. We look forward to building on the Fund’s success to date and continuing to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns that can weather market cyclicalities for both our existing and prospective clients.” 

Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC is one of four independently-run asset management businesses that forms Aventicum Capital Management, a global, multi-boutique asset management joint venture between Credit Suisse and Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). It combines entrepreneurial investment management with the institutional strength and governance of Credit Suisse and the long-term capital support of QIA. Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar), which manages the Aventicum MENA and Frontier Markets business, forms part of the broader story of Qatar’s creation of a financial hub in in Doha. Habib Oueijan, who leads the business, has over 20 years’ experience in the MENA markets.

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About Aventicum Capital Management
Aventicum Capital Management Holding is a joint venture between Credit Suisse and the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). It is a multi-boutique asset management business that offers a diverse range of investment solutions targeting the strategic needs of investors. Aventicum brings together the entrepreneurial talent of best-in-class investment professionals; the fiduciary oversight of Credit Suisse and long-term capital support of the Qatar Investment Authority.

About Aventicum MENA and Frontier Markets
Aventicum MENA and Frontier Markets, which is managed by Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC, is an independently-run alternative asset management business based in Doha (Qatar) and is part of Aventicum Capital Management. Aventicum MENA and Frontier Markets offers a core range of investment products focusing on the emerging and frontier markets of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

About Aventicum Real Estate
Aventicum Real Estate, which is managed by Aventicum Capital Management (Switzerland) Ltd, is an independently-run alternative asset management business based in Zurich (Switzerland) and is part of Aventicum Capital Management. Aventicum Real Estate currently focuses on private equity non-core real estate and real estate related investments.

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MENA - Middle East and North Africa

[1] Performance of +24.5% Alpha since inception, as of July 2016

[2] Ibrahim has a long track record of running the same strategy while at Mashreq Asset Management and has also previously worked at Rana Investments, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley

[3] Total net annualized return of 7.4 since inception, as of July 2016

Source: Global Investor, "MENA Capital Markets Awards 2016 winners announced", 27 October 2016, http://www.globalinvestormagazine.com/Article/3597001/MENA-Capital-Markets-Awards-2016-winners-announced.html


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