Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit to Launch Inaugural Fund

  • Fund will focus primarily on investments in emerging markets corporate debt, applying a credit-intensive investment approach in a benchmark-unconstrained framework.
  • Establishment of UK based business signals international expansion of Aventicum Capital Management

London, 5 January, 2015 - Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit, part of Aventicum Capital Management (“Aventicum”), today announces the launch of its inaugural fund, the Aventicum Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Total Return Fund (“The Fund”).

Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit will be Aventicum’s flagship investment business in the United Kingdom, augmenting its existing businesses in Qatar and Switzerland. The firm1 is fully authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority as a full-scope alternative investment fund manager.

Christopher Wilder, Chief Investment Officer (“CIO”) and Head of Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit, will manage the fund alongside a team of four senior portfolio managers. In total, the team comprises nine investment professionals averaging nearly 20 years’ experience of investing in emerging markets corporate debt.

The Fund will seek to offer investors a dedicated approach to emerging markets corporate debt by combining a value-orientated, research-driven investment process with opportunistic credit selection. The investment strategy will be defined by a commitment to disciplined, fundamental bottom-up analysis, which will seek to identify the most attractive value opportunities up and down the corporate capital structure and across emerging market countries and industries. At the same time, the Fund’s opportunistic approach will target valuation dislocations caused by structural inefficiencies across the asset class in aggregate.

Commenting on the launch of the Fund, Christopher Wilder said: “We’re excited to be launching our first fund as Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit at a time when we see an increasing number of compelling opportunities for our investors.

“The emerging markets corporate debt asset class has grown significantly in recent years and offers a wide range of opportunity across a diverse universe of countries and industries. However, we are seeing increasing valuation volatility due to asymmetric performance across select emerging markets countries and industries, increasing geopolitical tensions and the prospect of rising interest rates in developed markets. This volatility creates both risk and opportunity.

“Our seasoned team has a long track record of dedicated emerging markets investing in both public and private situations, performing and distressed debt and on a long-only or long/short basis. With our investment approach and experience, we believe we are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities arising in this changing environment and to generate value for our clients.”

Aladdin Hangari, CEO of Aventicum Capital Management, added: “The launch of the Aventicum Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Total Return Fund is a further sign of the continued international expansion of Aventicum Capital Management and completes our strategic objectives. As we continue to expand our global product offering, emerging markets strategies will be a core focus.”    

1 Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit is established in the UK as an English limited liability partnership under the legal name Aventicum Capital Management (UK) LLP.    

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About Aventicum Capital Management
Aventicum Capital Management Holding (‘Aventicum’) is a joint venture between Credit Suisse and Qatar Holding.  It is a multi-boutique asset management business that offers a diverse range of investment solutions targeting the strategic needs of investors.  Aventicum brings together the entrepreneurial talent of best-in-class investment professionals; the fiduciary oversight of Credit Suisse and long-term capital support of Qatar Holding.

About Aventicum’s independently-run asset management businesses

Aventicum MENA & Frontier Markets, based in Qatar, is part of Aventicum Capital Management. Aventicum Frontier Markets offers a core range of investment products focusing on the emerging and frontier markets of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

Aventicum Alternative Equities, based in Switzerland, is part of Aventicum Capital Management. Aventicum Alternative Equities currently focuses on European Long/Short equity strategies for institutional investors. Its first investment product is the European Alpha Fund.

Aventicum Real Estate, based in Switzerland, is currently acting through a sub-advisory agreement between Credit Suisse AG and Aventicum Capital Management (Switzerland) Ltd. Its first product has been launched with sponsors’ commitment.

Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit, based in the UK, is part of Aventicum Capital Management. Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit currently focuses on global Emerging Markets corporate debt in both the public and private segments of the asset class.


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